Leaders in Onsite Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coatings
OwnerMISC (subsidiary of Petronas)
Area Applied600m2
StructureSeawater Caisson Pipes (internal & external surfaces)

Special Efforts: Equipment was setup for semi-automatic application of blasting, TSA and sealer coating


  • Blasting : SA 3
  • TSA : 250µm
  • Sealer : Silicone Aluminium

Ash Marine Sdn Bhd successfully completed the Gumusut Kakap TSA Project on seawater caisson pipes for Petronas and principal SHELL in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia between September 2011 and January 2012.

The works constituted of semi-automatic application of blasting, TSA and sealer coat on caisson pipes ranging in diameter from 610mm to 1175mm and of lengths ranging from 10m to 27m for both internal and external surfaces. The works were governed by SHELL’s specification for TSA in deepwaters, DEP- 30-48-40.31 DWP March 2006. Specific requirements related to semi-automatic application were dictated by TSA specialist from United States, Bill Guillot.

This project was unique in that R&D was part of the scope since the semi-automatic method for internal and external application for pipes of this size and length was a novelty for all parties concerned. A special jig with automatic variable speed adjustment had to be constructed and high speed power rotators had to be specially ordered for this purpose. Numerous technical challenges were overcome with creative thinking and trial and errors. Work on production pieces were commenced in early November after passing the stringent Prequalification Testing which was conducted and evaluated by Mr Guillot. Tight schedule for the TSA works on the production pieces had necessitated round the clock operations facilitated by a utilitarian chamber utilizing a dust collector and dehumidifier.

Ash Marine had shown exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to accomplish the technically challenging tasks in an accelerated schedule and most often surpassing the stringent quality requirements set by SHELL without compromising on safety.

Mr Ajmal – Project Manager, MMHE