Leaders in Onsite Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coatings
Area Applied4000m2
StructureFlare Tower

Special Efforts :: Round the clock operations (3 shifts). Encapsulation & Dehumidifier setup. Cherry picker was also used for working at various heights.


  • Blasting : SA 2.5
  • TSA : 250µm
  • Sealer : Silicone Aluminium

Ash Marine Pte Ltd successfully completed abrasive blasting, TSA application and sealer application on the flare tower of the Halfdan Phase IV HBD Platform Project. TSA application was performed on a total area of 4000 square meters. Twin arc spray machines using 3.2mm aluminium wires were used with nominal thickness of 250µm. Silicone aluminium sealer coating was applied with nominal thickness of 50µm using spray methods.

This project was done at Sembawang Shipyard, Singapore. The whole project was completed in 21 days, working on three shifts utilizing 3 TSA machines. Encapsulation was erected around the structure and Dehumidifier was used the round the clock. The structures needed scaffolding and cherry-pickers for the jobs to be performed. The highest point of the structure was 30 meters above ground level. The project was completed in September 2010.


Mr Ganesan – Coating Manager, SMOE.