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ProjectsHeat Exchangers
OwnerSHELL (Federation of Malaya)
ClientSRC PD

In early 2012, Ash Marine Sdn Bhd successfully carried out TSA application for eight numbers of Heat Exchangers at Shell Refinery in Port Dickson, Malaysia. We were subcontracted by RM Leopad Sdn Bhd.

The heat exchangers were already erected and installed at the project construction site. Due to extensive ginger rust formation on previous coating, the exchangers had to be completely reblasted and reapplied with TSA coating. Complete containment were built around the equipment to prevent dust and smoke contamination of the surrounding working environment.

Quality requirements were as stipulated in DEP-30-48-40.31 GEN. Since the exchangers were to be insulated, sealer was not applied. Therein lays the potential problem of isolated ginger rust formations at vulnerable spots. This problem was overcome with weather simulations to identify the weak spots and immediate rectifications. Despite the stringent safety and quality requirements in a refinery and the difficulty in mobilization and shifting of equipment and consumables, the project was completed in 3 weeks to the satisfaction of FLUOR and SHELL inspectors.

Mr Soman