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OwnerSHELL (Federation of Malaya)

Ash Marine Sdn. Bhd. has successfully carried out TSA applications on the pipeline joints in the Shell Refinery at Port Dickson, Malaysia. We were sub-contracted by RM Leopad Sdn. Bhd.

The pipelines were already installed and required coating repair works due to corrosion and mechanical damage on the pipeline joints. The project required the usage of mini-blasting pots and flame spray equipment in order to carry out operations at cramped spaces and difficult-to-access areas. Some parts of the project required us to carry out work in some of the most critical areas of the refinery, thereby mandating our workers to undergo various levels of safety course and induction.

Working inside the refinery poses a significant amount of risk and requires stringent safety precaution. In addition, majority of the pipelines were located at varying heights which makes it extremely difficult for mobility of equipment and ease of operation. With careful planning and expertise the project was completed without a hitch.


Mr M Jeyakumaran – Project Director, Leopad