Leaders in Onsite Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coatings
OwnerBP, SBM
ClientDyna-Mac Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Ash Marine Pte Ltd carried out thermal spray applications on the internal surfaces of 28 numbers of I-tube bellmouth receptacle for the Quad 204 turret. The tubes were already fabricated and installed onto the main structure thereby limiting our possibilities to manual application.

The internal diameter of the tube is 1 metre width which posed quite a challenge for mobility of equipment and applicator movement. The other challenge was the containment, as other trades were simultaneously carrying out their work in the adjoining quadrants. With careful planning and synchronized efforts the job was carried out effectively.

Qualification testing was carried out successfully on a CPT Panel as per NORSOK M501 standard. One test plate was prepared for each I-tube and coated with TSA for additional testing as requested by the client and testing was carried out as per tri-society guide SSPC CS 23 / AWS C2.23M / NACE No.12.

Mr Peter Loh – Vice-President (Operations), DME