Leaders in Onsite Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coatings
OwnerBritish Petroleum
ClientFavelle Favco Sdn Bhd
Area Applied600m2
StructureCrane Booms

Special Efforts :: The small diameter of the tubes forming the lattice proved challenging for even application which was overcome by working longer hours and synchronizing processes for minimal time loss.


  • Blasting : SA 2.5
  • TSA : 250µm
  • Sealer : Silicone Aluminium

Ash Marine Sdn Bhd successfully carried out TSA applications on two crane booms for offshore rigs in Azerbaijan belonging to British Petroleum in the October 2011. Favelle Favco based in Seremban, Malaysia were the constructors of the boom.

Thermal Spray Aluminium coating was applied on tubular structural frames with a total area of 600 square meters. Twin arc spray machines using 3.2mm aluminium wires were used to deposit the aluminium coating to a nominal thickness of 250µm. Jotun’s Solvalitt, a silicone aluminium paint, was used as the sealer coating and was applied with rollers considering the small diameters of the tubes which formed the lattice.

Work was carried out inside a chamber at Favelle Favco yard which allowed for continuous work away from the elements. However, the crane booms were made of small diameter tubes which formed the lattice. Consequently spraying of the tubes took a longer time than initially estimated. Work was carried out in sections and for longer hours. Blasting, TSA and sealer application were synchronized with little time loss in between.

Finely tuned coordination and planning enabled the completion of the tasks in a week. Repair work due to weld and mechanical damage during handling was carried out after testing and installation a month later. Inspection and testing carried out by Ash Marine & Favelle Favco and witnessed by BP went without a hitch.


Gan – Section Assistant Manager, Favelle Favco