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ProjectsFPSO Shell Stones Project - SBM
ClientKeppel Shipyard
OwnersShell, SBM

Ash Marine has successfully carried out Thermal Spray Aluminium application to the FPSO STONES Turret – Buoy. The project required TSA application to most of the internal and external surfaces of the Buoy including areas to being fitted with foam.

The works were carried out under strict environmental control using dehumidifiers. Multiple dust collectors and exhaust were used round the clock to ensure proper ventilation and safe working environment for the Thermal Spray Applicators.

Surface preparation to ISO Sa 3 (SSPC SP 5) cleanliness standards were achieved using GMA Garnet. This project posed varying amounts application difficulty due to structural complexity which offered us the right opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our machines and applicators. Application was carried out using both 3.2mm and 2.3mm diameter aluminium wires for straight forward and narrow areas respectively. Extremely hard to reach areas were applied using gun extensions enabling us apply TSA on the inside faces of the openings as small as 10-15cm.

Stringent safety measures dictated by Shell were taken into consideration right from the start of the planning process and the works were executed smoothly.

Mr Abdul Quim (Bani) – Coating EngineerSBM