Leaders in Onsite Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coatings
OwnerExxon Mobil
ClientSingapore Takada Industries, APECO, Punj Lloyd
Area Applied5000m2
StructurePipes (4-28 inches in diameter)

Special Efforts :: Works were carried in the Ash Marine chambers. It was an ongoing project for a period of one year.


  • Blasting : SA 2.5
  • TSA : 250µm
  • Sealer : Silicone Aluminium

Ash Marine Pte Ltd successfully carried out Thermal Spray Aluminium coating on pipes measuring 4 inches to 28 inches in diameters. A total area span of 5000 square meters was applied with TSA. Twin arc spray machines using 3.2mm wires were used for this project which required nominal thickness of 250µm. Blasting requirements were SA 2.5 and silicone aluminium sealer coating was applied in the TSA coated surfaces.

These processes were done in the Ash Marine Pte Ltd chambers. Such processes to be carried out on circular areas poses its own difficulties in terms of even application but due to the expertise and vast experience of the team, the project was completed efficiently within the stipulated timeframe. All inspection and quality tests conducted by the client paint inspectors had been passed throughout every stage. This was an ongoing project for a period of one year.

C S Eng –Director of Projects, Takada Industries Pte Ltd