Leaders in Onsite Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coatings
OwnerBP, SBM
ClientKeppel Shipyard
Area Applied500m2
StructureI-tubes (21inches in diameter)

Special Efforts :: Mobility of equipment and the small diameter of the tubes posed various challenges which were overcome by effective pre-planning and quick thinking.


  • Blasting : SA 2.5
  • TSA : 250µm
  • Sealer : Silicone Aluminium

Ash Marine is one of the in-house contractors for Keppel Shipyard. We have performed various blasting and painting applications on different types of structures and vessels over the years. One such distinctive project was for Keppel involving a turret in an FPSO owned by SBM.

This particular project needed 21 numbers of I-tubes measuring 21 inches in diameter and 2.5 meters in height to be applied with TSA applications. As these structures are underwater submerged tubes there were extensive sea water corrosion damages to it. Ash Marine was tasked to perform abrasive blasting, TSA Aluminium coating of 250µm thickness, silicone sealer coating applications on the internal surfaces of the I-tubes and minor paint works on the exterior.

Mobility of equipment, personnel and confined spaces were constant challenges faced by Ash Marine for this particular project. Pre-planning and sound management enabled us to complete these jobs, far exceeding the expectations of the client. All inspections and tests conducted by Keppel were passed with flying colours despite tight schedule demands.

Scarv Turret project was successfully completed within a duration of 10 days in December 2009.


Mr Tan – Contracts Officer, Keppel Shipyard